Louinel JL

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Louinel is from Pointe-a-Raquette on La Gonave Island, Haiti. He was working as a trainee mechanic in 2013 when a car fell on him, snapping his spine and paralyzing him from the waist down. His family took him to several hospitals in mainland Haiti who refused to admit him so they took him home again. With no idea how to care for someone with a spinal injury, he developed extensive pressure sores and was eventually put out in his yard to die. A passing stranger found him and contacted ASHOG and LGCCA. We managed to get him into a hospital in Port au Prince where he was treated for septicemia from his infected wounds. Once stable and after wound debridement he was transferred to the spinal injury unit at St Boniface Hospital, and he slowly recovered his health. Since then he has had several hospital admissions including one this month where he underwent spinal stabilization surgery. He is now living in Anse-a-Galets where ASHOG are based and where LGCCA work. Like many young people in Haiti his education is incomplete so he is in high school now thanks to a wonderful donor who has been helping him with school and accommodation. Louinel has a very positive attitude despite his hardships, he is doing well in school and is very motivated. His dream is to become a psychologist.

Louinel makes beautiful jewelry and is also now exploring painting. We will be displaying his work here and he would be delighted to make you anything you see here (we have 10 bracelets already here in Canada ready to send to you) and is open to suggestions for new designs or color combinations you might like. It is important for Louinel to be able to earn money to save for his future education and also for every day expenses.

Suggested donation per bracelet is $5 USD, please add $1.50 for P&P outwith Canada.

Please contact us at help@communityandchildhaiti.ca if you would like to make a donation for a bracelet or for art materials for Louinel.

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