Poor House

March 2016

Update – http://u2uworld.com/ have started a program to support the Poor House – now renamed House of Hope. We will continue to offer support as able while now shifting our focus to frail elders without a home at present.


In the town of Anse-a-Galets there is a small collection of buildings known locally as the Poor House. The buildings are in a state of disrepair and the living conditions are dreadful Рdirty, poor sanitation, no water, no kitchen and the few basic beds there are damaged. There are around 20 occupants Рhandicapped (physically or mentally) adults and frail elderly. These people have no families to care for them and are at the mercy of the community for their basic needs. They suffer from malnutrition, diarrhoea from unclean water and poor sanitation, medical health problems and there is no care available for those suffering from mental illnesses. They are also very vulnerable to theft as the Poor House has no security wall or security personel for protection. ASHOG (a Haitian charity, Association for the Handicapped People and Orphans of La Gonave Рwww.helplagonave.org) has tried very hard to raise awareness and get aid from foreign workers or volunteers for the Poor House. They have no sponsor or aid at present (or in the past) apart from a monthly donation of food from HaitiHelp and very occasional monetary donations from organizations such as LGCCA. There is no funding from the Haitian government for the destitute people of Haiti.

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