ASHOG land & Community Garden

Good news! On October 25th a team of workers will start clearing the ASHOG land in order to get it cleared enough for the survey to be done and a perimeter wall built. In order to achieve self-sufficiency and sustainability for ASHOG Orphanage, and to provide food for the residents of the Poor House in Anse-a-Galets, a community garden will be gradually planted. We hope this will be the first of many Haitian owned and operated community projects. The land is also large enough for a building project and would be an ideal site for the proposed homes for disabled people – Architects Without Borders are working with LGCCA and ASHOG for this.


There are obvious advantages to keeping chickens. They lay about 5 eggs each per week and when they get older and no longer lay, they provide meat. We have a chicken coop at ASHOG Orphanage with only 3 chickens now so we want to buy more and also a rooster. If the chickens can provide enough eggs for the household and there is a surplus, these eggs can be given to the frail elderly at the Poor House in Anse-a-Galets. Eventually we hope to have enough chickens that some eggs may be sold at the market and bring some self-sustaining power to the orphanage. We buy the chickens when they are a few months old and already starting to lay.

If you would like to buy a chicken for $10 and provide up to 260 eggs per year please donate via PayPal. Thanks so much!


Medical Outreach Trips Haiti 2015

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We will be starting medical clinics in villages on La Gonave Island in 2015. Our initial goal is to do one in spring and one in the fall. The 3 day clinics will require a 6 – 7 day trip to Haiti. The clinics will provide much-needed Family Practice care to outlying areas. We are now looking for volunteer nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, pharmacists and non-medical volunteers! Interested? Please contact Ailsa for more information:

          (001) 604 563 7994

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JJBean Coffee Fundraiser begins NOW

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Hi everyone, LGCCA is doing the JJBean coffee fundraiser again and it starts now … great coffee at great prices and all the profits are used to provide for kids in need on La Gonave Island, Haiti … If anyone is willing to help us out by doing this in their own work place please get in touch. It’s really easy. Last date for orders and payment is October 26th. We will deliver the orders on or around November 7th to Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond …Thanks!
Ailsa Young


Summer 2014 – ASHOG Orphanage kids

Roseberline 2014

Roseberlines favorite subject at school is Experimental Science. She wants to be a nurse.

Berry summer 2014

Berrys favorite subject at school – Mathematics. He wants to be an engineer.

cool kids

The children are doing really well in ASHOG Orphanage! Many thanks for your donations, every cent you donate goes to providing these kids with food, water, shelter, childcare, medicines, clothes … We have room for up to 4 more children but do not have sufficient funding yet. Please spread the word 🙂 There are many kids in need on La Gonave Island, Haiti.




Hi everyone, I am collecting children’s multivitamins (not the Gummies, they melt!) to take to ASHOG and Morne Augustin Orphanages in late September. We also need skin creams for the kids (anti-fungal, eczema, itchiness, tinea) … thanks so much 🙂

At Morne Augustin Orphanage and School.

At Morne Augustin Orphanage and School.

At Morne Augustin Orphanage and School.




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ASHOGs campaign for building new facilities for Poor House residents


ASHOG is pleased to greet you in the precious name of our savior Lord Jesus Christ.

In order to rebuild the Poor House and to assist the disabled people, we invite you to take part in our week of spiritual activities – a wonderful week of open-air concerts – from September 21 to 28, 2014 from 6.30 – 9.30 pm daily at the public place in the town of Anse-a-Galets, on La Gonave Island, Haiti.


There is an urgent need to address the safety and well-being of these people, and so ASHOG is appealing to you for help.
By the blessings you have found from Lord Jesus please consider making a financial contribution towards the costs of our Crusades to raise funds to build a new facility for the people.

God Bless you all!

Jean Rony Toussaint,
President of ASHOG
(011) 509 3114 0527

What we are doing …

Wondering what LGCCA & ASHOG are doing on La Gonave Island, Haiti? Or where your donations are going? The two little girls widowed mother could no longer take care of them, she asked that they both move into ASHOG Orphanage. Although we only had sufficient funds for one more child we could not see them separated. The second photo was taken a few weeks later, they looked so much happier and are doing really well now. Thank you for your support, we promise that 100% of donations goes to the childrens care. Please consider making a monthly donation, no matter how small. Every cent helps the kids.

new girls (3)


4 kids