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ASHOG land & Community Garden

Good news! On October 25th a team of workers will start clearing the ASHOG land in order to get it cleared enough for the survey to be done and a perimeter wall built. In order to achieve self-sufficiency and sustainability for ASHOG Orphanage, and to provide food for the residents of the Poor House in Anse-a-Galets, a community garden will be gradually planted. We hope this will be the first of many Haitian owned and operated community projects. The land is also large enough for a building project and would be an ideal site for the proposed homes for disabled people – Architects Without Borders are working with LGCCA and ASHOG for this.


There are obvious advantages to keeping chickens. They lay about 5 eggs each per week and when they get older and no longer lay, they provide meat. We have a chicken coop at ASHOG Orphanage with only 3 chickens now so we want to buy more and also a rooster. If the chickens can provide enough eggs for the household and there is a surplus, these eggs can be given to the frail elderly at the Poor House in Anse-a-Galets. Eventually we hope to have enough chickens that some eggs may be sold at the market and bring some self-sustaining power to the orphanage. We buy the chickens when they are a few months old and already starting to lay.

If you would like to buy a chicken for $10 and provide up to 260 eggs per year please donate via PayPal. Thanks so much!


Medical Outreach Trips Haiti 2015

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We will be starting medical clinics in villages on La Gonave Island in 2015. Our initial goal is to do one in spring and one in the fall. The 3 day clinics will require a 6 – 7 day trip to Haiti. The clinics will provide much-needed Family Practice care to outlying areas. We are now looking for volunteer nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, pharmacists and non-medical volunteers! Interested? Please contact Ailsa for more information:

          (001) 604 563 7994

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