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Roche Campe, La Gonave Island, HAITI

6 June 2014

WE HAVE MET OUR TARGET OF $5600 CAD for the Roche Campe well! Thank you so much to everyone who donated in support of this well for one of the poorest places in Haiti. The drilling will probably be delayed due to washed out roads and the new mosquito-borne virus which is sweeping through Haiti right now, called chikungunya. But the team will be back to work there as soon as conditions allow and we hope to see Roche Campe with their own clean water supply soon!

Years ago Roche Campe had a drinking water well but it caved in and now they have to walk a very long way to get fresh water. The community is really struggling, they cannot grow crops or keep livestock due to the lack of water. LGCCA visited there in February of this year and the children and elderly in particular are extremely malnourished. We need $5000 USD! For this a US company will drill up to three times, when they hit water they will create the well and install a pump. There is a high chance that they will hit potable water because a well existed there before.

The company who is willing to do it can do it in May 2014 but we need the funds to pay them. There is not much time! Please click on the link below or donate via the donate page on this web site. Thank you so much!

If we do not get enough funds for the well by the end of April we will continue to fundraise and the same company will drill for Roche Campe next year. But these people should not have to struggle for another year!

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