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February 2014 LGCCA Visit to La Gonave

My visit to Haiti and La Gonave Island was very good. Jean Rony Toussaint of ASHOG and I managed to get a lot done including arranging for a large chicken coop to be built at ASHOG Orphanage. The eggs will feed everyone at ASHOG Orphanage and the surplus will be given to the Poor House.


ashog kids, ay

Ailsa Young, LGCCA with Roseberline and Berry at ASHOG Orphanage.

Our biggest immediate problem is finding funding to support 2 little girls who will be moving to ASHOG Orphanage soon. Their father died recently leaving their mother destitute with 5 young children. Rosemitha know we cannot take all of her children in but asked that we take the two girls, ages 6 and 7 as they are most at risk. This is going to be a big challenge for us financially so please, please consider making a donation, even a couple of dollars will help.

HaitiLGI14 152

We are now planning a Well for the community of Roche Campe on La Gonave Island and are also starting some agricultural projects which will help support the communities most in need. This little one from Roche Campe is suffering from malnutrition, as many children and adults are. The lack of fresh water is crippling the community, no water means no crops and no livestock.

HaitiLGI14 151

The Morne Augustin children. Thanks so much to English Bay Dental Center for donating 200 toothbrushes! Only 7 of the 44 children are living in the orphanage due to lack of funding, the others survive as best they can in the community.


Donations of multivitamins, clothes, school supplies from supporters in Vancouver, BC. Thanks so much!


Jean Rony Toussaint with Pastor Elouhode of Morne Augustin Orphanage and School. LGCCA sends money monthly to provide food for 7 children at the orphanage.

JRT, Pastor E

Thanks for all your support, please continue to help us help them!
Ailsa Young, LGCCA